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Tips For Furniture Care

Tips For Furniture Care

How to Care For Your Furniture

You've purchased and are starting to enjoy your brand new piece of furniture - now what? How do you keep it looking brand new and ready to be shown off? 

Keep reading for some great tips from our furniture team on how to take care of your furniture pieces to keep them looking fresh and clean for years to come! These tips have been curated from our furniture team's experience over the years and from some great suggestions from our suppliers.

Wood Furniture Care

Wood furniture is truly elegant and timeless! In order to keep it looking fresh and clean, try out some of these tips!

• Dust often with a clean soft cotton or microfibre cloth

• Use natural cleaners and avoid polishes with silicone.

• Always use coasters to protect from moisture and heat.

• Our climate is extreme! Keeping our homes humidified is essential

• Use soft felt pads on the bottom of lamps, statuaries, frames etc. that sit on top of the wood.

• When washing use a damp clean cloth and always gently dry after.

• Placemats or tablecloths should always be used when dining

• Research before using polishes and consider oils such as linseed to bring out the natural grains. Once or twice a year should suffice.

• A simple mixture of water, vinegar with a touch of olive oil in a spray bottle works wonders to keep it looking new!

• Protect wood furniture from direct sunlight.

Fabric Care

Keep your beautiful upholstered pieces clean and long lasting by using these tips.

• Vacuum upholstery pieces with a soft brush

• Clean according to the cleaning code of the fabric. (Usually located on the tag under the seat cushion or underneath the product)

• Protect from direct sunlight.

• Blot up spills rather than aggressively scrubbing.

• Regularly rotate & flip cushions. Fluff toss pillows and back cushions frequently as well.

Leather Care

A great way to bring a natural yet classy feel into your home, leather furniture needs some special care to keep it looking beautiful!

• Always protect leather from direct sunlight.

• Frequently dust your leather. 

• When wiping down - use a clean, damp, soft cloth and gently dry afterward. This eliminates oils that build up and can discolour your leather.

• Avoid using leather creams too often, especially along stitch lines.

Metal Care

Metal accents on coffee tables as well as upholstered pieces are truly a unique touch. Keep it looking clean with these tips!

• Never use general cleaners on your metal pieces.

• Dust regularly with a clean soft cloth.

• If cleaning is needed, use a damp cloth and thoroughly pat dry afterward.

• Avoid all abrasive cleaners and furniture polishes.

Glass Care

Glass tables are the perfect addition to your living room, they help add some openness to the space! Keep them looking clear and shiny with these tips.

• Glass will scratch easily so protect your glass surface with mats, or felt pads.

• Dust with a clean microfibre cloth.

• A spray bottle of distilled water and vinegar is a great chemical free way to clean your glass!

Bookmark this page! If you need more help with keeping your furniture in tip top shape, feel free to reach out to your furniture team by emailing or phoning (204) 777-3881 ext. 125!