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How to Prepare for Furniture Shopping

How to Prepare for Furniture Shopping


So you've decided to go furniture shopping! Whether you are updating a room with existing furniture or starting to plan a completely new space, you may be wondering where to start or what you might need to bring with you.

Our designers have put together their top tips for preparing to go furniture shopping.


Find Your Inspiration

Most people will start here! Either you are looking to refresh an existing space or you're moving in to a new room. You can turn to the ever-popular Pinterest, search through designer profiles on Instagram or flip through home design magazines to help you decide what style best suits you and your home!


Document Your Existing Space

Before you meet with a designer, you'll want to collect as much information about your existing space as possible. If you have any existing paint, fabric or wood samples from the area you will be furnishing, make sure to bring them along!

If you don't have samples to bring with you, make sure to take pictures of your space or even take a video of the room!


Measure, Measure, Measure

Next up, make sure you take measurements of your space. Also take measurements of any existing furniture you're planning to keep! If you can put together a drawing of the layout that is very helpful as well!

And don't forget to also measure the height, width, and diagonal opening of any doorways & stairwells! We have to make sure the new furniture can make its way into your space!


Consider Your Needs

Think through the ways in which you will want to use your new furniture! Do you need seating for a large family around a dining table? Will you want to be able to convert your couch into a bed for overnight guests? Do you need durable, easily cleaned fabrics because you have pets or kids? You'll want to discuss all of your needs and expectations for your furniture with your designer.


Plan Your Budget

When considering your budget, we suggest investing in the best quality furniture you can afford at that time. You want your pieces to be able to stand the test of time! Set your price limit before you shop, then add 10 percent so that you have some flexibility within that range to make your pieces customized exactly the way you'd like them!

Right now, our Fall Furniture Sale can take your budget even further! From September 1st - 30th all in stock or custom order furniture is 25% off!


Make an Appointment

Although you're always welcome to pop in, ensure that there is someone available to meet you when you come to start furniture shopping! Calling or emailing to set up an appointment time is the best way to ensure this! 

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