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Furnish Your Living Room For Under 6K - Pt 3: Beth's Room

Furnish Your Living Room For Under 6K - Pt 3: Beth's Room


PT 3: Beth's Room - Modern Boho

Boho on a Budget

Have you been yearning to refresh your space? Has scrolling through Pinterest got you inspired to bring some bohemian flair to your home? Well, you're in luck because you don't have to have a huge budget to bring that look to life!

We want to help make your home the beautiful, functional sanctuary that it should be! Let's make a space that you can't wait to get back to, that brings a smile to your face or allows you to completely unwind. You may have thought that those notions weren't within your reach and we want to show you just how far you can take a budget of $6000 to create a living room design that fits your personality perfectly. 

Here's How Far You Can Take $6000

Earlier this month, our in-house designer, Kathryn showed us a traditional & feminine look, followed by Brenda who brought us a bold & modern living space. Now it's Beth's turn to show us her spin on a bohemian meets mod look, all for under $6000 total. 


FOUR HANDS - Delaney Sofa

FOUR HANDS - Bly Velvety Pillow Set

FOUR HANDS - Dina End Table (Matte Black)

Beth's design tip: 

Starting with a really neutral base in the couch and chair allows you to pull out some colours from the rug with the accessories without worrying about them fighting. 



"A good rug does more than tie the room together— it sets the home apart." Loloi offers a complete range of designs to bring the perfect flair to any space. From bold, modern, old-world and abstract - there is truly a design for every home.  But it's not just the gorgeous patterns that make their rugs worth your money. They are dedicated to craftmanship - every step of the process is done authentically, including hand-weaving and dipdyeing of wool.

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STREAMLINE - Desert Hues

FOUR HANDS - Delaney Chair

Beth's design tip:

Bring symmetry to your room by repeating similar elements. The black elements throughout this design tie the pieces together, from the black coffee table, details in the rug, metal bases on the furniture and the frame of the artwork.



Beth chose this chunky coffee table from Four Hands for it's versatility. It has a unique look to it that could work well for a variety of styles - modern, mid-century or even farmhouse. Its solid design complements the sleek sofa and the dark hue brings contrast to the room. Choosing pieces that can work for a variety of styles means that your furniture can see you through years of refreshing your space with different décor. Trends come and go and a piece that can transition easily will make your investment go further and updating your space will be much easier on the pocket book going forward.

Shop our online selection of coffee tables here. More styles available by custom order!



Beth brought together a living room including a sofa, chair, side table, coffee table, large area rug, artwork and accessories, all for under $6000! Taking advantage of our  Spring Furniture Sale saved $1900, which is essentially like getting the chair and artwork for free! 

If you love this look, or would like to speak to Beth about helping design the room you've been dreaming of - please send her an email at!

We're here to help! We can help you design with any budget and now offer financing!

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**prices shown are before taxes**