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Summer Sips: Haskap Mojito Recipe

Summer Sips: Haskap Mojito Recipe

It's hard to find a cocktail that's quite as refreshing as a mojito! Fresh mint and vibrant lime mixed with bubbly water and a hint of's just the perfect treat to enjoy on the deck in warm summer air. While a classic mojito is delicious with a shot of white rum, you can also skip the alcohol for a perfectly pleasant mocktail.

The combination of ingredients just happens to work perfectly as a canvas for other flavours. Almost any berry works to take this classic drink to the next level. Try blueberries, strawberries or if you want to try something new & exciting - haskaps!

Haven't heard of a haskap berry before? Read more about them in our article, The Prairie Super Berry! They taste sweet and tart, similar to a raspberry and are packed full of an impressive list of antioxidants and nutrients.

You can make your own simple syrup with haskap berries (or any berry of your choice) and follow our recipe below, the next time you're craving some summer flavours.


- Fresh mint

- 1 lime cut in half

- 2 tablespoons haskap berries

- 1 oz haskap syrup

- 1 can soda water or Lime Bubly


1. Fill your glass 1/4 of the way full with ice.

2. Add a sprig of fresh mint & squeeze the juice of half a lime into the glass.

3. Add haskap berries & haskap syrup and muddle all ingredients in the glass.

4. Top up glass with more ice, until 3/4 of the way full .

5. Fill with soda water or Lime Bubly.

6. Garnish with mint or lime slices.

One bar tool that you simply cannot be without this summer (and every summer from now on) is this 4 in 1 Mojito Tool! You'll use this tool every step of the way while making your Haskap Mojito. First, use the end to crush your ice. Next, squeeze every drop of flavourful juice from your lime by using the tool as a juicer. Measure your syrup and spirits with the shot glass in the end of the handle and finally, muddle your ingredients as you would with any other (single function) muddler.

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If you're looking for more delicious drinks to try this summer, check out our Shimmering Elderflower Mocktail post, for another delicious drink using locally grown ingredients.