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Galentine's Day

Galentine's Day

We know we don’t need to be the ones to say it but, this past year has been a challenge. We are all longing for the connection, the events and the experiences that made life so…fun. Yes, there is a lack of fun in our lives right now. We have all had to alter our lives in some way or another, but there is some relief in knowing that we are all in this together (but apart). We know this, but at Pineridge Hollow, we also know that our family has been able to find joy in creating our own little special events and experiences. Right now, we can’t plan a big birthday party, a wedding or a workshop the way we’d like to. But we can come up with something new.  

So here comes Valentine’s Day. Let’s be honest, we’ve probably all spent more than enough time staring at our partners over the last 11 months, and the dating scene is not exactly what it once was. So let’s make Valentine’s day into a celebration of love in a different way, with your besties – with the gals! And you may be wondering - why? What’s the point? Well, we're here to say - because you deserve it. Because this past year has been lacking, and it feels good to have something to look forward to. Right? 

Let’s build a Galentine’s Day to get excited about! At this point, it’s just a fact that there have not been enough opportunities to throw on a great outfit, put on make up or do your hair in the last year. It feels good to do those things, so don’t hold back. Here are our picks for the best Galentine’s day outfits.



Let’s not forget the way your environment can make you feel as well. Coming home (or staying home) to the same old can feel mundane. Make your space special with a new scent, a pop of colour, a new inspirational quote or something cozy to cuddle under while you Facetime your gal pals.

I for one, never miss an opportunity to celebrate with food and drink. So for your gal’s night in – try our Prairie Berry Sangria Kit. Or our Mimosa Kit if you’re feeling more like a girl’s brunch event.  

And in the food department it all depends what kind of Galentine’s event you’re planning – Chocolate Fondue, Heart Shaped Pizzas, Red Velvet Pancakes & Bacon…don’t forget your Beet Chips! And if you're doing Galentine's by video call, the best part is, you can each order whatever you're in the mood for!

If you’re one of those kind souls who isn’t tired of their partner yet (kudos!) you can plan the date night in that both of you deserve! Make your space fresh, put on your best outfits and pick up your delicious Valentine's Day Dinner with our 3 Course To Go Menu

The point is, you don’t need to keep waiting for the “whenever” to enjoy the connection and events that we all miss so dearly. Make it your own and make it an experience to remember. Who knows, maybe it will even become your tradition going forward when the world is “back to normal.” 

If gifting is your love language (this is actually one of the 5 love languages!) make sure to shop our Valentine’s Day gift guide found HERE.