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Punch Needle Botanical Designs Workshop - November 6

Pineridge Hollow


During this three-hour class, Maureen of Wool Mountain provides the tools, materials, and instructional guidance for participants to create one 17cm x 13cm (7”x5”) piece of botanical-themed punch-needle art. 

Design templates will be provided, however, participants will be encouraged and shown how-to create their own one-of-a-kind design. 

All supplies required included in cost of class; participants should expect to depart with a completed piece. Materials include framed burlap canvas, and yarn both from Canadian farms, as well as created by indie dyers who got their start on the American Prairies. Discussion will include advice on sourcing materials and tools for continuing to punch after class, and participants will be given the option of purchasing additional supplies and tools to take home. 

Duration: 3 hours


Instagram: @maureenwinnickilyons

*No cancellations or refunds will be taken two weeks prior to the workshop date*

If the minimum number of ticket sales has not been reached, we will contact you to reschedule.