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Yoga & Wellness Day Retreat - January 13

The Village Studio


Join Tina in connecting with yourself and other like minded individuals by taking a purposeful rest from the daily hustle and grind.

Restore, Renew and Refill your body, mind and soul with a day at the stunning, zen filled Pineridge Village property.

Our day will begin with morning yoga & meditation breath work “ pranayama” infused with music and essential oils. A guided walking forest meditation will follow where we will participate in a mindfulness practice blending physical movement of our body with a focused meditative state taking in the fresh crisp winter air and song of the birds.

After some free time of your choice (maybe a coffee, refreshment or perusing the beautiful grounds and shops) we will enjoy an afternoon in The Village Studio with a gratitude, vision board workshop (envision and make your dreams come true in all areas of life), journaling exercises, followed by a restorative yoga practice ending with Yoga Nidra ”yoga sleep”, the ultimate state of relaxation where you float in and out of consciousness.

Enjoy door prizes, refreshments, snacks and a few little surprises included during the day!

All participants are asked to bring a yoga mat. 

Duration: 9am-5pm